It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Founded in 2016, Pin Museum is owned and operated by art school sweethearts, now husband and wife in San Diego, CA.

Introducing the work of our favorite and most notable works of art history in pin form has been both challenging and fulfilling. Pin Museum has a strong dedication to artists that thrive on alternative tenants, and takes pride in producing inspired pins that support the original intent of the piece. We present an accessible experience to a broad viewership beyond institutional barriers, and consistently exceed formal expectations of a traditional pin company. We have placed pins in prestigious local and international collections, and would love to help build yours.


The pin world is full of bootlegs and copycats. Pin Museum works with artists, estates, and establishments to ensure our pins are officially licensed when necessary.

Our close partner, Artists Rights Society was founded in 1987, and represents the intellectual property rights interests of over 50,000 visual artists and estates of visual artists from around the world. For more information about this amazing organization, visit Artists Rights Society.



The Pin Museum Experience doesn't end when you receive your delivery. We implore you to research, explore and inform yourself on the pins you purchased. Go to your local art museum, enroll in an art history class, start a conversation with your barrista, your professor, or your friends.

The links we provide in our product listings are a great start and the internet is a boundless resource of information. Wear your pin proudly knowing you know the true meaning behind the original work.



Mark Twain once said, “To do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.” Show your love for the arts by using #pinmuseum on your social media posts, donating to a local art charity, or gifting a pin museum product to an art-loving friend.

Websites such as Charity Navigator can be helpful in finding the right cause to donate to.